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What is a Platinum supporter?

A Platinum member is someone who donates to the site to help keep it up and running. Currently the majority of revenue for the site is generated from the little bit of advertising we allow and donations from our users.

How much is it?

The current cost to become a Platinum member:


  • 1 year - US$31

  • 1 year - 20

  • 1 year - 24

  • 1 year - AUS$31

  • 1 year - CA$32

The current cost to become a Platinum Plus member:

    Platinum Plus

  • 1 year - US$39

  • 1 year - 25

  • 1 year - 29.20

  • 1 year - AUS$39

  • 1 year - CA$40

What's in it for me?

We do have additional benefits for anyone that becomes a Platinum member, and may add more in the future. The benefits only last as long as your subscription length, but you can renew at anytime.

The current upgrades are:

  • Larger Private Message inbox! Supporter's inboxes can hold up to 200 for Platinum and 1000 for Platinum plus messages!

  • A new icon to go under your user name when you post.
    They looks like this:

  • Platinum

    Platinum Plus


Sign me up!

I f you would like to become a supporter you can click the banner below and it will take you to your "paid subscriptions" page in your profile.

Once there, just select a subscription length in the dropdown box and click "order." Then it will take you to a screen where you will select your payment method. Currently the only method accepted is paypal. You do not have to have an account with paypal to use it.If you would prefer to send a check or money order, you can mail it to the address listed at the bottom of this article. Please be sure to include your username with your check so we know which account to credit the donation to.

Mailing Address for Support Gifts:

Mapletree Studios Ltd.

8 Rutherford gate
Shenley Lodge
Mylton keynes
Mk5 7dq
United Kingdom

What if I am already a supporter and want to support?

Well, that's fantastic! We appreciate it very much!

If you are already a supporter and would like to donate more, you can do so by clicking the paypal link below and entering whatever amount you would like to support us with.

Again, thank you very much!