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Heritage Interveiw. Gary Schaf...
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Little & Large - The Shallow W...
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7inch Silver Coin Ring - Playe...
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Medieval seal...
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News and Views from around the globe that are related to metal detecting.
New Gold Rush Pans Out In Mother Lode
A Tuolumne County miner shows off his gold nuggets....

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Videos and screen captures on how to use various forum tools and other methods of using and submitting media to MLOtv
Metal detecting with Mal - crazy last day 2016 on Roman Field Farm 8-11-16
It just got even better shame its was the last hunt for the year on the Roman Fi...

MLO Rallies (21)
Videos from our members rallies.
Metal detecting at Friends of Corfe Rally September 2016
Just a little vid on the great time I had at "The Friends of Corfe" Rally in aid...

Minelab Corporate (19)
Videos created by Minelab
Heritage Interveiw. Gary Schafer.
Gordon Heritage sits down with Gary Schafer to ask questions about Minelab's Eur...

Minelab Adventure Series (4)
Minelab ADVENTURE detectors allow beginner or intermediate detectorists and their families to explorer the world under their feet! Easy to use so you can just switch on and go, these detectors also have advanced features to achieve fantastic performance.
X TERRA DVD - Coils and Accessories
Gary and Pat shows us some of the accessories that you can get for the Minelab X...

X Terra 305 (1)
X Terra 505 (2)
X Terra 705 (19)

Minelab Treasure Series (28)
Minelab TREASURE detectors have the most advanced features and performance specifically for treasure hunters. Thanks to superior technology, a Minelab TREASURE detector will find more coins, relics and jewellery, and less junk using advanced discrimination techniques.
My Best Metal Detecting Finds For 2012
My best metal detecting finds for 2012...

Sovereign GT (1)
Excalibur II (22)
Quatro MP (1)
Safari (1)
Explorer / Explorer SE Pro
E Trac (97)
CTX 3030 (85)

Minelab Gold Detectors (13)
Minelab GOLD detectors have the most advanced features specifically for serious gold prospectors. These detectors can find gold deeper than any other detector, using advanced technology that can detect nuggets in all ground conditions, even the most severely mineralised ground.
From the Minelab Vault: Minelab SD 2000 From the Minelab vault - Take a look back to 1997. Since ...

Eureka Gold (2)
GPX 4800 (2)
GPX 5000 (9)

Heritage Interviews (5)
Gordon Heritage and Gary Brun interview various Minelab users
Heritage Interviews: Frome Hoard
Dave Crisp talks to Gordon Heritage about the day he found the Frome Hoard, over...

Shallow Water Hunting (9)
Beach & shallow water media
Beach metal detecting with Mal & CTX3030 at Bournemouth, UK 26th Septemeber 2013
Up early again on a roadtrip to Bournemouth for a days hunting with the Excalibu...

Mapletree Studios (15)
Mapletree Studios Video & Releases
Gold roman Solidus found in the UK 19th June 2014
Wow what a day.... Ed and I went looking for Celtic staters and I found somethin...

Funny Videos (22)
Various Funny videos
Behind the scenes of Hoard Hunters - A load of bull!
The Hoard Hunters want to find GOLD!Watch all new Hoard Hunters exclusively on H...

History / Documentaries (104)
Buscando el Pasado. Capitulo 2. Prospección privada y tesoros documentales
Acompañanos en nuestras expediciones en busca de tesoros y reliquias utilizando ...

Misc User videos (53)
Various user videos
Metal detecting with Mal on Holly Hill Farm 2-10-16
Afternoon hunt on the ridge at Holly Hill. Cut half hammie and few other nice ...

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Iron Mask Sandscoop
I want to say it tok only 6 days from ordering until I had it in my hands. You c...

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Latest Comments
GaryS Metal detecting with Mal "Mound Hunt" (day 3) back on Roman Field Farm 29-10-16
Congrats on all the romans,etc from "the Mound". Always good to find a productive patch. Another well made and enjoyable video . W...
11:16 AM, 14-11-2016 GaryS
minelab matt A Day to Remember
Another great video Gary, congrats on the gold...
01:46 AM, 06-11-2016 minelab matt
GaryS Metal detecting with Mal & CTX on Roman Field Farm 15-10-16
Well done again Mal....
09:54 PM, 26-10-2016 GaryS
mal Metal detecting at Friends of Corfe Rally September 2016
Thanks Gary. I think its only me and thee that are on the MLOTV part of the Forum...
05:37 PM, 13-10-2016 mal
GaryS Metal detecting at Friends of Corfe Rally September 2016
Really enjoyed that Mal. I was there last year so it was good to see what was found there this year....
09:49 PM, 12-10-2016 GaryS
mal More Down Under Detecting
Great to see your hunts again Gary...
10:34 PM, 08-10-2016 mal
More Down Under Detecting
"Well done Gary! Your videos are getting better. I cringe when you rub the coins between your chalk on the blackboa...
09:04 PM, 06-10-2016 des
GaryS Metal detecting with Mal & CTX3030 on Roman Field Farm 15 09 16
Once again Mal,nice video and great finds.Thanks....
11:36 PM, 03-10-2016 GaryS
GaryS Metal detecting with Mal on the Roman Field farm 09 09 16
Nice video and hunt Mal. Well Done....
11:40 PM, 20-09-2016 GaryS
GaryS Metal detecting with Mal on Roman Field farm 11 08 16
Another nice video Mal. I remember the rape stubble at Corfe-a nightmare to try to get through with a big coil. Well Done....
10:55 PM, 04-09-2016 GaryS
GaryS iron Age find Metal detecting with Mal and Deus on Holly Hill Farm 30 07 16
Nice video Mal. Congrats on the finds and all the best for more great finds from your new farm....
12:35 PM, 15-08-2016 GaryS
Mariner17 A Really Good day
Wow you did have a good day Gary, I enjoyed your video very much. Regards Terry...
04:31 PM, 28-06-2016 Mariner17

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