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Thread: Target ZIP files for the Etrac Emulator

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    Target ZIP files for the Etrac Emulator


    Here are some rules to be considered in order to make Targets ZIP files for emulators :
    The folders contained in the zip file must be named 0,1,2,3 and so on...
    - Starting from 0 (not 1,2,3...)
    - Without "holes" in the numbering (not 0,1,4,7,..)
    - Only pure numeric names (not 12a, 12b)

    As targets file for Exp II and SE are not compatible please include the word "Etrac" in the zip file name.
    And, to avoid further problems, it's better if this name doesn't contain any spaces :
    A good zip file name could be :


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    Thanks for that Max.
    I look forward to people sharing their Zip files.
    They can be uploaded in this area and we will move them to a dedicated area when they start coming in.

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    Just another tip :

    I named my french coins ZIP file '00_Etrac_French_Coins", begining by "00" to be sure it is the first in alphabetical order and, so, the one opened at start-up time.
    That's because I KNOW that this file is good !!

    If the first ZIP file found is a bad file (for any reason) the emulator will not start.

    So if you want to try your own zip files, take care of the name of the file not been BEFORE mine in alphabetical order.
    When your file is tested good, and if you want it to be the default file to be open at start-up time, you can rename it something like "000_my_good_zip_file".

    Is it clear for you ?? 8O 8O


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