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Thread: SEF 8x6 vs minelab 8" coil for the Etrac

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    SEF 8x6 vs minelab 8" coil for the Etrac

    I am wondering what you guys have to say about this. I am wondering which coil to get. Is the SEF waterproof? Is it better than the standard minelab 8 inch coil?

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    Yes it is waterproof but always make sure the coil bolt is tight, the 8x6" is a great little coil for in the trashy areas etc, not tested it against the minelab 8" though but I would assume that the SEF is a little better
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    I am trying to get myself set up good. I would like a direct comparision with the minelab 8" though.

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    I have the standard coil, the sef 15 x 12, and the 8 x 6.
    The smaller coil is I beleive great on trashy areas, but I didnt buy it for that. When I went to Corfe last year one field next to the field where some of the better finds were made was ploughed, it looked deep ploughed to me, thats why I purchased the small coil to run the coil along the furrows. I will be taking it with me in September.
    The larger coil is heavier but you soon get used to it, or use a bungee.

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    I also own the SEF 8x6 and it is waterproof.

    I did buy it for the trash heavy sites (where it does perform well). Only minus is that the DD coil easily "detects" also metal posts, fences etc even if they're like one++ meter on the side from the coil.

    I have understood that concentric coils in general are less sensitive (from sides) to the interference from nearby iron items and you can use them closer to iron fences etc items that cause problems with DD. Please do correct me if I am wrong.

    I suppose the place where you plan to use the coil determine the choice:Open area where you want to be able too all small objects among the thrash or some "tight maneuvering" near iron fences, posts or other large constructs.

    I'm interested in this topic too since I have been planning to get ML 8" (or some sniper) to test it on some playgrounds where I can't cover all ground because of all the metal constructs that cause interference to DD coils.

    I suppose the 8x6 SEF is better* general coil while 8" concentric coil has it's specific uses.

    (* Based on the difference in technology, versus DD )

    I write this based on supposition that you mean this coil and that it is concentric coil and not something else

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seamon

    (* Based on the difference in technology, versus DD )

    I write this based on supposition that you mean this coil and that it is concentric coil and not something else
    Yes that is the minelab coil I am talking about. From what I understand ist that it is a DD coil.

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    The 8" Minlab is a great coil but just my own opinion the 8 x6 a little belter and would get my vote tis superb in trash even better in stubble.

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    both great coils but i would say the sef is the dogs do da,s

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