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  1. Things To Do!!

    Well Im am now gradually getting on top of things.

    Things to do now:-
    1. Fix User Ranks,
    2. Group Permissions,
    3. Subscriptions.
    4. Smiles.
    More to follow later.

    If you have any problems please post in the forum Feed Back area.
  2. Its coming along....

    Well it looks like everything is now beginning to come together with the forum.
    Still working on a few permissions and the spam problem is a lot better now.
    Forum speed increase should be noticeable... well I hope it is after all the expense and work put in.
  3. List of new forum features

    Here is a list of the new forum features...

    Built-in Applications
    Discussion / Forum
    Photo Albums
    Events Management
    Article-based CMS Publishing

    Seamless Integrated Experience ...
  4. Latest Forum Updates

    Ive added a few extra styles which you can choose.
    Live RSS feeds from Minelabs Website.
    The ability add Youtube videos.

    Plan to work on smilies and layout/graphic options next.
    Will also add small "how-to0" videos for new features.
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  5. Blogs

    I have now added the ability to have your own personal BLOG on

    When I get down too fixing permissions etc for Platinum members you will find a lot more stuff ;-)
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