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Best beach find 2012...
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Beach Detecting Down Under...
Views: 824
Ancient Discoveries Season 2 E...
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Shallow Water Hunting DVD Bloo...
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  Metal detecting (2 x silver) with Mal & Terry in Cumbria 06-...
Great day on my mate Terry's permission in Cumbria. Hard going but two silvers for me in the end. Terry skunked me on total number...
Views: 42


  Metal detecting with Mal & Excalibur II at Bournemouth 30_06...
Hard day hunting in the brown sand overburden of a refurbished beach. Some nice bits of Bling Bling and few odds finds....
Views: 36


  Metal detecting with Mal and CTX 3030 on Vicarage Farm 21 06...
New area on the farm with lovely old spindle whorl...
Views: 29


  Aussie Detecting Story...
A return visit to a historic farm for some more detecting with my E-Trac....
Views: 26


  Metal detecting with Mal and Deus on Vicarage Farm 30 04 16...
Went on scouting hunt to find the old Georgian brick works and any finds along the way....
Views: 193


  Something a bit different...
My love of the countryside covers more than detecting. Enjoy in full HD...
Views: 135


  Stoat kills rabbit (not for bunny lovers)...
Nature filming today and found another hunter out. Amazing to watch and a privilege to film nature in the raw....
Views: 164


  Metal detecting with Mal and Excalibur II at Blackpool 24-04...
Another challenging hunt at Blackpool with my old faithful Excalibur II. Started of with motorway closed so delayed the hunt, then...
Views: 198



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GPX 5000 half kilo gold nugget part 4
digging up half kilo nugget with GPX 5000...
Added by: GaryBrun
  CTX 3030 Audio Options
Different types of detecting call for different ways to hear targets, so the CTX 3030 has just about every imaginable option to he...
Added by: MLOTV Editor
Quick Tip - getting the coiled lead through the E-trac stem.
Gordon in this vide shows a quick way of getting the coiled lead through the E-Trac stem. This can also be used on all the treasu...
Added by: MLOTV Editor
  X TERRA DVD - Coils and Accessories
Gary and Pat shows us some of the accessories that you can get for the Minelab X-TERRA series metal detectors....
Added by: MLOTV Editor
From the Minelab Vault: Minelab SD 2000
http://www.minelab.com From the Minelab vault - Take a look back to 1997. Since its inception on the SD 2000 in 1995 Minelab's Mul...
Added by: MLOTV Editor
  Metal detecting with Mal & XTerra 705 on the Plague Farm - Day 7
My seventh day metal detecting at the Plague Farm in Oxfordshire with the XTerra 705. How I set up the XTerra for the hunt and sho...
Added by: mal
New Gold Rush Pans Out In Mother Lode
A Tuolumne County miner shows off his gold nuggets....
Added by: MLOTV Editor
  Happy New Year
Happy New Year everybody. Lets keep this forum the best on the internet today.....
Added by: admin
Beach metal detecting with Mal at Bournemouth, UK - 03rd May 2012
A day beach metal detecting with Mal at Bournemouth in the UK using Minelab Excalibur II showing finds and setting up Excalibur fo...
Added by: mal
  Corfe Castle 2007 Minelab Owners Rally BBC ONE SHOW LIVE!
Just my take on the gathering of the clan....
Added by: jkxs
Getting Started with the Minelab X-TERRA 505
Initial set-up or quick start with the Minelab X-TERRA 505 Metal Detector. Turn it on and go detecting! Find out more about the Mi...
Added by: MLOTV Editor
  Metal Detecting a gold nugget with the Minelab GPX-4500 Metal Detector
Rob @ Rob's Detector Sales is filming a partner digging a gold nugget in Arizona with a Minelab GPX-4500 Metal Detector and Coilte...
Added by: MLOTV Editor
X-TERRA 70 Control Panel and Display
http://www.minelab.comGary Brun walks you through the functions of the control panel as well as the various icons featured on the ...
Added by: MLOTV Editor
  Terry Herbert's - Anglo Saxon Treasure
Terry Herbert, Finder of "The Staffordshire Hoard" and member of Bloxwich Research and Metal Detecting Club talks with Gordon Heri...
Added by: GaryBrun
The Civil War Uncovered Episode 3
You are brought right into the field with our crew as they seek remnants of the American Civil War. The series follows the adventu...
Added by: MLOTV Editor
  Detecting with Dave New Land
Some old footage of new land we managed to gain permission on.. Just an excuse to show off my new video intro created with Autodes...
Added by: Cumbrian Fox
Dave and Peachavens Day Out
Peacehavens comes to Cumbria for a day out metal detecting. Me with the Etrac and Ged with his Deus, we started on a field which I...
Added by: Cumbrian Fox
  Cleaning Arizona Gold Nuggets with Ultrasonic Cleaner, Part 1
In this video I'm showing how a GemOro Ultrasonic cleaner can help clean nature gold nuggets. I'm using the GemOro with a built i...
Added by: MLOTV Editor
Gary Finds Gold
Gary, Pat & Gordon are fliming their Shallow Water Hunting DVD. When recovering a silver ring for the second take (yes folks we ...
Added by: MLOTV Editor
  Yorkshire Airlines
The latest in airtravel...
Added by: GaryBrun
Exploring The Eureka Gold.
Here Kevin Hoagland from Minelab USA leads you through all of the functions of the Eureka Gold. The Worlds most powerful VLF detec...
Added by: GaryBrun

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Emelie and Alman...

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Latest Comments
Mariner17 A Really Good day
Wow you did have a good day Gary, I enjoyed your video very much. Regards Terry...
03:31 PM, 28-06-2016 Mariner17
Mariner17 A Really Good day
Nice Site Gary, interesting to see detecting in Australia....
03:14 PM, 28-06-2016 Mariner17
Mariner17 Metal detecting with Mal and Deus on Vicarage Farm 30 04 16
You certainly have a good selection of sites Mal. I always enjoy your videos. Regards Terry...
03:11 PM, 28-06-2016 Mariner17
Mariner17 Metal detecting with Mal and Excalibur II at Blackpool 24-04-16
Another interesting video Mal, thsnks...
01:17 PM, 24-06-2016 Mariner17
Mariner17 Detecting Aussie History
Very interesting video Gary...
04:57 AM, 21-06-2016 Mariner17
GaryS Metal detecting with Mal and Deus on Vicarage Farm 30 04 16
Another nice video Mal. Best of luck for future hunts....
11:36 AM, 18-06-2016 GaryS
Nig the dig Detecting Aussie History
08:05 AM, 15-05-2016 Nig the dig
Stoat kills rabbit (not for bunny lovers)
Brilliant footage Mal. Thanks for posting....
09:36 PM, 07-05-2016 linnet
GaryS Metal detecting (more silver) with Mal and Deus on Vicarage Farm 09 04 16
Thanks for another great video Mal,and some nice finds. Look forward to the next hunt. Cheers....
05:05 AM, 21-04-2016 GaryS
Mariner17 Metal detecting (3x hammie day) with Mal and Deus on Vicarage Farm 08 03 16
Another very interesting and informative video Mal, I enjoyed it very much. regards Terry...
09:26 AM, 16-04-2016 Mariner17
GaryS Metal Detecting an Old Farm for 6 Silver Coins, Token, Medallion and a Military Button
Some nice finds there. Well done....
11:17 AM, 15-04-2016 GaryS
Mariner17 Metal detecting (3x silver day) with Mal and CTX 3030 on Vicarage Farm 27 02 16
Another interesting video Mal. always good to see the wildlife as well!...
10:50 PM, 23-03-2016 Mariner17


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